Attempted murder

Samantha Shader was already facing attempted murder charges by the NYPD.
The family living in the house claims the alleged arsonist also set fire to their car years ago.
She pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday.
The woman's friend was also stabbed.
The victim said the suspect grabbed her, 'He put one hand on my boob, and the other hand in my crotch. He basically pushed me.'
His great-grandmother once owned the NY Post.
Dearden has been reassigned at the NYPD, where she would previously screen new recruits.
A young woman who was arrested last year for stabbing her boyfriend with a kitchen knife has been found guilty of attempted murder.
A Connecticut man has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife with a baseball bat after she told him she was leaving him.
She's in a full body cast.
Authorities say the victim is a prostitute who met the men via
One suspect, who apparently lives in the building where the crime allegedly took place, was caught.
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