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The former AT&T Long Lines Building may be home to one of the NSA's three "core" spy sites.

How about an app that flashes YOU ARE 30 SECONDS CLOSER TO DEATH PUT ME DOWN & SET YOURSELF FREE after every 30 seconds of continuous texting?

The CIA is paying AT&T more than $10 million each year for the phone records of Americans who make calls overseas.

Never forget to incite a widespread social media shitstorm by using 9/11 as a prop to crassly promote your brand.

When we were wee one of the coolest school trips you could go on was a visit to the AT&T Infoquest Center in Philip Johnson's famous Chippendale Building at 550 Madison Avenue.

Even law enforcement has trouble with radio reception in the area.

Thanks to Boingo, subway station internet service is coming to Verizon and Sprint customers. Eventually.

The new Wi-Fi is part of the city's initiative to provide free internet service—courtesy of AT&T (we still hate you)—to 20 different parks across the five boroughs.

An old AT&T video called "The Twins" shows the World Trade Center being built.