Atlantic ocean

Ocean currents deep in the Atlantic are losing momentum. It means more heat is getting trapped along the East Coast.
"As quick as we put the materials down in the water, we begin to see life."
It's the first shark nursery to be found in the North Atlantic.
It may have been in the mid-50s, but the Atlantic Ocean was still chilly for yesterday's annual New Year's Day Polar Bear plunge.
Why not, it's going to be in the mid-50s!
Photograph of last year's swim by brooklyn_g_girl on Flickr The Coney
Decked in swimsuits, swim trunks, bikinis and costumes, about a thousand folks
Brazilian air force officials say that debris found in the Atlantic
Air France announced it lost contact with an Airbus 330 carrying
Officials and marine experts are hoping that the group of dolphins who
Photograph of one person pulled from waters off Coney Island (he
Kiss the unseasonably warm weather of last week good-bye. A coastal storm
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