Atlantic avenue tunnel

There's probably an 1830s train underneath Atlantic Avenue, but red tape and grudges are blocking us from knowing for sure.
A new study shows that there is a 20-foot metallic structure in the sealed off section of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, and it could be that 19th Century locomotive!
Bob Diamond is suing the city and the FDNY after they shut down the Atlantic Avenue tunnel tours.
Bob Diamond is still pushing to keep the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel open to the public, and here's his latest update.
We heard from a reliable source that during a recent late
Bob Diamond, who rediscovered the Atlantic Avenue subway tunnel in the
Earlier this month Brad Meltzer's Decoded show premiered on the History
Last weekend a film screening event inside the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel was
Photo via jaykayess's flickr Earlier this morning we noted that the
Photo via tud5000's flickr As we mentioned in our indispensable newsletter
Will we ever know what's really hidden in the old rail road
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