Three federal appeals court judges tossed the suit this week.
It seems that not everyone is on board with the American Atheist's very public assertion that "Christ" has no place in Christmas.
The new digital billboard in Times Square takes the Christ out of Christmas, celebrating "the true meaning of Xmas”—which apparently includes human life, the Rockettes, and Chinese food.
"No reasonable observer would view the artifact as endorsing Christianity," wrote Judge Deborah A. Batts. "The cross does not create excessive entanglement between the state and religion."
Does the First Amendment apply to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?
“The Jews have stopped the billboard,” American Atheists president David Silverman told Brooklyn Paper. “It’s really ugly bigotry. As a former Jew, it’s repugnant to see Jews act like this.”
American Atheists are switching up their strategy this time: they are putting up two billboards in Muslim and Jewish enclaves in Paterson, NJ and Williamsburg, with messages in Arabic and Hebrew.
It's time for atheists and Catholics to get into a Christmas billboard war, but this year the Catholics aren't taking the bait! But just wait until they see the new billboard.
A Staten Island Republican wants to make the 9/11 Memorial Cross a national monument, so the atheists can't mess with it.
NY Post columnist Andrea Peyser says the atheists suing to remove the 9/11 Cross from the World Trade Center museum should go somewhere they don't believe exists.
The 9/11 cross is making some atheists physically ill.
Poor atheists, is there anything 9/11-related that doesn't offend them? Their latest target is the cross comprised of intersecting steel beams found in the rubble of buildings, which was just installed at the memorial.
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