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Long Island City, Hell's Kitchen, and neighborhoods in southeastern Queens and the central Bronx have the highest concentrations of new shelters.

The city must shift focus to helping asylum-seekers ‘get out of shelter,’ the report says.

The announcement comes on the heels of scrutiny from city lawmakers over the administration’s spending on the crisis.

February 19 marks the 81 years since FDR signed Executive Order 9066.

More than 500 men are staying at the new facility, which has been open for a week.

The 492-room facility for adult families and single women is the city’s sixth migrant relief center.

For the fourth day in a row, a group of migrants camped outside a Midtown hotel, refusing to comply with the city's directive to relocate to a 1,000 bed shelter in Brooklyn.

Some asylum seekers slept on the street in front of the Watson Hotel in Midtown Sunday night rather than spend the night in the new relief center in Brooklyn.

The Democratic mayor appeared on WNYC’s "Morning Edition" a day after delivering his second State of the City address.