Astor place cube

The three minute video, directed by Alex Da Corte, features Clark in all sorts of colorful, bizarro NYC scenes.
A tipster who noticed the graffiti at around 9:40 a.m. this morning says the Cube was squeaky clean last night.
We're gonna have to wait a few more weeks.
Love it or hate it, the Alamo returns this week.
Public art's all over the place in NYC, with installations in parks, plazas, and street corners. Here are our favorite pieces.
Cue "Remember the Alamo" jokes.
People must really worry that the Alamo (aka the Astor Place Cube) gets cold at night.
You know it is fall when the city's sculptures start bundling up.
Ah, City Councilman Peter "I hate graffiti" Vallone weighs in on the
Yesterday afternoon, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping went
Our long civic nightmare is over! Late yesterday afternoon, the Astor
After a brief false alarm earlier in the week, a tipster
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