Gov. Kathy Hochul immediately signed the bill into law.
Candidates say two groups with ties to the real estate industry skirted election laws
The lines are unconstitutional, but an appeals court ruled there isn’t enough time to redraw them before the primaries.
A bill to cap the cost of insulin also ultimately failed.
“I am frustrated by inaction in Albany and I am angry and terrified for millions of New Yorkers who are going to face some pretty serious price-gouging.”
Nearly 800 bills now await Gov. Hochul’s signature after lawmakers neared the end of their annual session early Friday morning.
The decision is a major setback for Democrats that could potentially sway the balance of power in Congress
The state’s fiscal year began April 1 without the passage of a budget, which is required by law.
The mayor said this was his first visit to the New York State Capitol since 2013, when he left the Senate.
Albany observers say a plan for independent redistricting in New York was doomed from the start.
Governor Kathy Hochul said she will allow a statewide eviction moratorium to expire Saturday, noting that it was never intended to be permanent. Instead of pushing for a new extension, tenant advocates have turned their attention to a state bill introduced in 2019.
The report is expected to cover Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and the potential misuse of state resources, among other subjects.
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