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Does this violate the First Amendment?
Here's a case study in citizen-driven safety improvements in Borough Park.
Organizing neighbors to beautify your block, for example, isn’t really just about beautifying your block. It’s about exercising power.
"There is an enormous amount of bureaucracy."
They're not omnipotent, but they do have power and influence over what happens in the neighborhood.
Help, how can I clean up these filthy streets?
The deadline to register to vote in New York is Friday, October 12. Here are some rapid fire responses to a few basic questions that came through the pipeline.
'If you're going knocking door to door, handing out flyers, engaging with people, inviting them to vote, registering them, that is perfectly fine.'
'I want to campaign to turn a really horrible, big gray wall in my neighborhood into a mural. How can I get that process started?'
While the family separations drew tremendous attention, unaccompanied minors continue to cross the border every day and are placed in federal custody until they're released to a relative.
We found three organizations worth checking out.
'People who've only voted in New York think all the elections across the country are the same craziness. They are not.'
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