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This week's Ask A Native New Yorker question comes from a New Yorker who is agonizing about sending their kids back to school.

If you're seriously contemplating leaving New York because of three months of quarantine, my guess is you weren't going to make it here for much longer...

Jake returns from hiatus to answer a question from a subway rider with a creepy habit.

This week's question concerns the perils of pet adoption.

"I was just walking out of the subway station by work and eating a muffin and I ran into one of my coworkers who rolled her eyes and said, 'This is why you're always getting sick! You need to wash your hands before you eat anything.'"

Do New Yorkers complain a lot? Of course. They complain because living here is hard and despite its challenges, they want to stay. So what else is there to do besides let off some steam?

'It's so cold and depressing here; why shouldn't I seek a new life in Los Angeles?'

Is the obscene cost NYC rents pushing you to the brink of romantic cohabitation too soon? Let's discuss.

To understand the subway—its rules and unspoken etiquette—is to understand New York.

'Do you have any advice about how to deal with these people?'