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An exit poll shows Queens voters expressed a slightly higher preference for President Donald Trump, and the voters surveyed in Brooklyn had the highest preference for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Nearly 60% of Asian students—or roughly 6 out of 10—have opted out of in-person learning, the most of any race or ethnic group in the city school system.

"It’s really disheartening. I think it’s emboldened a lot of racists to come out and attack people."

"The white picket fence. It's the symbol of the American dream."

Police say a serial mugger is targeting, beating and mugging Asian people in East Harlem.

“All the Asian-American guys want to be Jeremy Lin. And all the Asian-American girls want to marry him,” graphic designer Su Nam said while watching last night's game in SoHo.

"Ever since the first lonely Jew ordered Chinese takeout on Christmas, there has been an undeniable bond between Jews and Asians."

Photograph by Harris Graber on Flickr The NY Times looks at

Diversity is here to stay, whether people like it or not: "Some of the residents here were so concerned about blacks moving in, they didn't even notice the influx of Asians," said realtor Nick Venezia.

The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating five different attacks