Asian american

A population boost and the pandemic have inspired Asian communities to mobilize.
The Manhattan Chinatown event is aimed as showing community support against a tide of attacks against Asians.
Poverty rates are even higher for the city’s Asian seniors, Asians who speak limited English, and Asians with a high school education or less, according to the report.
Asians were the fastest-growing population in the last decade, according to the U.S. Census
With this knowledge, the city and health providers can glean important clues on how to approach these highly individual communities when it comes to lifestyle and medical habits.
“It breaks my heart,” one Asian woman said. “Because, as Black-indigenous-people of color, we can’t be fighting against each other."
State lawmakers also introduce legislation to ensure Asian American history is taught
“We are not COVID, and we are not a virus."
For Asian American New Yorkers, the outsized mental strain of living through the coronavirus pandemic has been exacerbated by a commensurate rise in anti-Asian sentiment.
The attacked took place on Tuesday night.
The incident comes amid a string of violent attacks on Asian American New Yorkers that have concerned communities and public officials.
One workshop attendee said, "Asian-Americans have learned a hard lesson, because everyone hoped that John would be mayor."
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