Ashley dupre

It's Christmas in July for NYC political watchers!
Moves like Jagger or something.
Her fiance—who she was seeing when he was still married—is now divorced.
Ashley Dupre has helped take down a governor, posed for Playboy, given sex advice to the Post, and opened a fake restaurant for TV. So of course she's now opening a lingerie shop in NJ.
If you're the "King of all Pimps," when your pants fall down in court, does that man you the "King of all Pantsings"?
Watch the trailer for VH1's new reality show, Famous Foods, which features "celebrities" like Ashely Dupre and Danielle Staub competing to open a restaurant and steal America's hearts.
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Ashley Dupre (Twitter). Last we heard of Eliot Spitzer's old escort
Via Ashley Dupre's Twitter Oh, Ashley Dupre. It's been nearly two-and-a-half
While we mentioned how the Post got some Eliot Spitzer-hating comments
Via Ashley Dupré's Twitter The hotly anticipated first screening of Alex
Ashley Dupre's self-portrait, taken while filming a Playboy promo, via Twitter
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