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They will be shown all around the city, including in Times Square, where the art is displayed on 24 individual screens.

"The influence of the Art Students League has been centrifugal on a scale too vast and far-reaching to be calculated," the NY Times reported in 1943, a statement that still applies today.

The sheep will be killed tomorrow, but don't be sad, it's all for religion.

A Dutch artist has turned his dead cat into a sort of prototype of a Predator Drone for mice.

New York resident Andrew Gorski purchased an island in Michigan, where he's planning a miniature redo of Manhattan, of sorts.

The mysterious Underbelly Project is making the rounds online today. According to

L-R: Jeffrey Sandgrund, Regina Myer, artist E.K. Buckley [UPDATE BELOW] As

Artists Beyerball, Jellycat, Shakey, and Barney Iller pack up Inside Rubulad.