Art show

The curator-driven fair fills two floors of the one-time Ralph Lauren headquarters.
The opening "has been abruptly closed to the public for reasons unknown."
Your chance to get inside 190 Bowery.
The theme for Spring/Break 2014 is PUBLICPRIVATE and, as you can imagine, you will likely be engaged, annoyed, amused, disgusted, inspired, indifferent, depending on the room.
The 10th annual Crest Fest art show is this weekend, and we got a sneak peek at some of the hardware-inspired pieces that will be on display this year.
James Franco as "Franco" the artist on General Hospital Here it
Photo by Will Sherman/Animal Following last year's unauthorized holiday art show
Joe Franquinha and his father run Crest Hardware store in Williamsburg. In
About three months ago the residents of 475 Kent were evicted due
Photograph of the Puck Building, where at least one 7th floor
At around 11pm we got a text message from a friend
Sol LeWitt, geometrically-inspired sculptor and artist, leader in modern American art,
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