John Lhota, 24, was charged on Thursday
All three incidents happened within blocks of Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, where Ganzer has worked since 2016.
The NYPD arrested a 50-year old man suspected of lighting a subway car on fire, killing the motorman, and injuring 16 riders in March of this year.
'Attacking any religious institution is a serious crime and we have zero tolerance for acts of arson in this city.'
We have more questions than answers at this hour.
The 63-year-old homeowner used a wheelchair and was trapped in the burning house.
"Sad to report that [a] few weeks after the first incident, someone has once again set our pride flags on fire! We simply have no words!"
The suspect was 'found in Manhattan with a bag full of lighter fluid an axe and knives,' according to prosecutors.
The arson suspect was apparently pants-less.
Authorities believe that Paul Caneiro killed his brother and his brother's family and set fire to their house before setting fire to his own house.
A victim's brother was arrested for setting fire to his own house earlier in the day.
The video shows the suspect spreading accelerant on the store.
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