An NYPD spokesperson said it was not yet clear what exactly precipitated the arrests.
"You each have the authority to prosecute, decline to prosecute, or dismiss all the cases within your jurisdictions, including summons prosecutions. We ask you to exercise that discretion."
"It was 17 hours for a curfew that we could have potentially avoided if they let us go. We were never given that chance."
“I was freezing and stinging at the same time because pepper spray doesn’t go away. It just stings randomly as you sweat."
"The police department is ignoring the temporary restraining order and refusing to recognize it."
The Wall Street Bull was doused in fake blood and dirt, with at least one protester climbing on top and waving the Extinction Rebellion flag.
"It seems like they are targeting and punishing jurisdictions for standing up to ICE," one public defender said.
Sixteen cyclists participating in a group ride were arrested in Manhattan on Sunday and charged with disorderly conduct.
Protesters called on Trump to work with Congress to pass strong immigrant protections without additional border security funding.
ICE activity in NYC courthouses is on the rise in 2017, according to public defenders and advocates.
They were charged in connection with the deaths of four teenagers who were found butchered in a Long Island park in April.
The arrests stem from the investigation involving prominent donors to Mayor de Blasio.
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