Arrested development

'Being in a room with a NY Times reporter is perhaps the last place on the planet you should start going into psychotherapy with your cast.'
Warning: the trailer may trigger your chicken dance reflex whether you like it or not.
Also, 'Arrested Development: Season 5' is 'imminently imminent.'
But if they can't get the full cast to come aboard, they should hold off making it.
Most of the cast showed up at "Inside The Actors Studio" to visit Warden Stefan Gentles at his other day job.
AD executive producer Brian Grazer said that Netflix is currently in talks to start work on a fifth season.
Netflix has now gone back on their wary earlier statements and said they would gladly produce more episodes.
Was the writing team rusty, or has Hurwitz's edge dulled?
Starting at 3 a.m. EST/12 p.m. PST Sunday, you can watch the all-new episodes of "Arrested Development."
After watching five new clips, we're feeling more assured than ever that getting our hopes up about the new season of "Arrested Development" is not going to be a huge mistake.
We're mere days away from mainlining 15 new episode of "Arrested Development"—so we've rounded up 10 things you should read about the new season.
So much more than frozen bananas (but there will be frozen bananas).
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