Lauren Pazienza, 26, is accused of fatally shoving 87-year-old Barbara Maier Gustern earlier this month.
The sergeant, Phillip Wong, is accused of punching a handcuffed man in custody and kneeling on the back of another.
One of the men was recognized by a former business associate who accused him of stealing nearly $500,000.
The officer dealt at least eight blows to the man, who was arrested for smoking a cigarette and resisting arrest.
Police said the attack was the man's seventh assault charge this year.
The man they arrested is now fighting to clear the conviction.
Officer David Afanador was charged with strangulation and attempted aggravated strangulation
The Secret Service had put out an alert on Prim after she allegedly posted threatening messages about Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton on Facebook.
'These allegations are incredibly disturbing and absolutely unacceptable.'
On Monday, before the arrests were made public, hundreds of students protested on campus and chanted, 'It’s more than just a word.'
Asked by a waitress if he was a 'gangster,' Hyun Kim allegedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at her.
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