An undercover agent suggested specific targets, but the soldier had other ideas.
The FBI questioned a Texas Army veteran last night in connection with the ricin letter mailed to Mayor Bloomberg.
An Army soldier based at Fort Drum has been arrested after he allegedly Skyped with his wife while she had oral sex with an underage girl in their New York home.
After losing a leg from a landmine in Afghanistan, Army Specialist Ryan McIntosh was outfitted with a carbon-fiber prosthetic right leg. He's currently working as a ballperson at the U.S. Open.
Spc. Ryan Offutt, 32, pleaded guilty to maltreatment and hazing in connection with Danny Chen's death; he's expected to get a six month sentence.
A critic said, "The sentence of 30 days confinement is hardly equal with Danny Chen's life."
Will the MPAA go after a 92-year-old man who sends U.S. troops bootlegged movies?
Bales' wife's attorney told ABC that her husband called her shortly after the alleged attacks occurred. "[Bales] told her something terrible had happened."
A portrait of a husband and father to young children, faced with financial issues and a past of minor run-ins with the law, has emerged.
Have the Kleenex ready!
Chen was allegedly pelted with stones while crawling on the floor and called "Jackie Chan" by other soldiers.
A Chinese-American activist said, "Danny Chen enlisted to protect the United States. To be killed not by enemy fire, but by superiors in the army, is absolutely unconscionable. "
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