Ariel russo

Franklin Reyes, 18, was handed the three-to-9 year sentence today.
A judge has given him another day to reconsider.
A judge offered him a lenient sentence if he pleads guilty.
Franklin Reyes, the unlicensed driver who allegedly fatally struck a four-year-old while escaping the police last year, really has a thing for fleeing.
An unlicensed driver who killed a four-year-old last year has once again led police on a dangerous car chase.
His mother begged the judge to "have mercy."
The teen and his father allegedly stole over $2,000 in cash and property from the apartment of a recently deceased woman.
Franklin Reyes told friends on Facebook and in text messages that he could cut a four-hour drive in half by traveling 90 mph.
A probe by the DOI found that human error, not the city's new 911 system, to be the culprit behind the four-minute delay in responding to a crash that ultimately killed 4-year-old Ariel Russo.
In June, a 17-year-old driver who was fleeing police careened up onto an Upper West Side sidewalk, pinning a 4-year-old girl and her grandmother against the side of a building. Was a pothole to blame?
The bereft mother told the Daily News, "It took too long for them to get there. No other child should die because it takes too long. The ambulance system has to be fixed for the children of New York."
It took four minutes for 911 to acknowledge the request and nearly another four minutes for the ambulance to get to the scene.
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