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"It seems weird at first," architect David Wright told DNAInfo. "It would work really well for NYC subway riders by connecting virtually all subway lines and adding connections only makes travel easier."

A respected architect and designer whose work is in the permanent collection of the MoMA died yesterday, two weeks after he was badly beaten during a mugging.

Eric Schneider may have transformed his 450-square-foot studio apartment in Manhattan with

from threecee's flickr After firing famed architect Frank Gehry in an

A judge ruled yesterday that embattled Brooklyn architect Robert Scarano Jr.

A woman in Cobble Hill called the cops last week when

The color of the Guggenheim's facade has been discussed over and

An elderly German architect; his 35-year-old Greek roommate; and a 6-foot-5-inch,

Yesterday, Daily News noted that former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion

Architect Richard Meier told NY magazine, when asked about the real estate