Arcade fire

The shows have been benefits for Ukraine, and another one will take place Sunday night.
Your mileage for effervescent disco tunes may vary.
"Give me your wealthy, your rich, your huddled M.B.A.s yearning to be tax-free."
The intimate show was in celebration of their new album, Everything Now.
But maybe don't wear them anyway. Ever.
Day 1 of Panorama peaked with Arcade Fire jumping into the crowd to deliver a rousing David Bowie tribute.
Springsteen performed "Rebel Rebel," SNL brought Fred Armisen on to speak about his love for Bowie, and Arcade Fire led a second line march through New Orleans.
"The film recontextualizes the album experience, transporting the viewer into a kaleidoscopic sonic and visual landscape."
The indie goliaths took CBS back to their Montreal roots, talked fundraising for Haiti, and spoke out against a drug-heavy rock and roll lifestyle.
The Arcade Fire has evolved into a great arena rock band, but Barclays Center is not such a great arena.
This huge record store is going to be huge.
Photos and video from the band's final, costumed night in a Brooklyn warehouse.
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