They've settled on two new locations for the archives: one in upstate New York near Hyde Park, and another in Los Angeles. They'll also have gallery spaces in multiple cities, including NYC.
“You have to look them right in the eye, no matter how much they try to vilify you for it, and you have to say no."
Despite Christie's warnings of ARC costing as much as $14 billion, the report states that the actual cost according to state transportation officials, would have been no higher than $10 billion.
Chris Christie is flip flopping left and right this week. Not only is he seemingly reconsidering his definitive statements against running for President, today he also capitulated to the US Department of Transportation.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he'll take the Obama administration to court to fight repaying the feds $271 million for the cancelled ARC project, "I ain't paying them. We're going to go to court."
Over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood ordered New Jersey to repay
After scrapping the plan for the Trans-Hudson ARC tunnel (because it
Yesterday Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez, the senators from New Jersey,
(via )tulpen's flickr) Left for dead not months ago, the proposed
Chris Christie really doesn't want to give back that $271 million in
Even though it was widely thought to be one of the
Now that the Trans-Hudson Express tunnel is never going to happen
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