NYC Officials say the city’s drinking water is still safe, but it may taste weird while repairs to the Catskill Aqueduct are ongoing.
In 22 days of racing, 12 horses have died at the track, some falling after running more than one race over a span of several days.
Pro parenting tip: Don't lock your baby in the car while you gamble in the racino.
Some people's addictions are helping kids learn!
Horses are dropping like flies at Aqueduct racetrack. Since racing began November 30th, 16 horses have been injured and euthanized, most recently on Wednesday.
Adelson and his wife have donated at least $10 million to Gingrich's campaign to keep it alive, which only represents around 0.46% of his $21.5 billion.
One man happily exclaimed, "I just came to get lucky!" If that's what you think after waiting three hours in line to even enter a casino, then you're already a winner.
(via Digiart2001's flickr stream) [Update Below] So will the OTB shut
Image of the third race (NYRA) Yesterday afternoon, during a race
Political sausage, much like this breakfast combo, is gross To paraphrase
Though Gov. Paterson is already looking for a new company to
After the state rejected a politically-connected company's bid to bring video
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