"These bodegas are facing the ultimate threat from these 15-minute delivery apps,” said Christopher Marte, the new City Council member for the Lower East Side.
The six bills could improve some of the harsh conditions faced by the city's 65,000+ food delivery workers.
They routinely earn low wages well below New York's minimum wage, lack basic labor and employment protections, and face dangerous working conditions on the streets of NYC.
The action was in response to the growing popularity of delivery apps during the pandemic, and concerns that they’re taking advantage of hard-hit restaurants.
"Most of us work full time, ten to twelve hours a day, and you need to use the bathroom," said one worker who has been denied the use of a restroom by restaurants for which he delivers food.
Three New Yorkers filed a class action complaint against Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats.
The ride hailing companies Juno and Lyft are suing New York City to block a new minimum wage law for app-based drivers that was set to go into effect on Friday.
The apps are double agents providing advertisers with frighteningly detailed information on your daily whereabouts, for profit.
In its 13 years in NYC, the Red Hook-based brewery has never sold beer directly to customers from its facility.
"Spireworks" is a new app that lets you control the lights atop two midtown buildings. It's pretty neat, but is it sponge-worthy?
The app will expand to cover all 85,000 metered spots in the city by next summer.
Can you handle this hot take?
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