A spring arctic blast coupled with drought and pest conditions have wreaked havoc on many fruit trees in Hudson Valley farms.
And we can forget about peaches and plums altogether.
Good Eggs, a farm fresh delivery service, has setup an urban apple picking station under the Manhattan Bridge.
Don't despair—your special someone is out there waiting for you, probably chewing on an apple as we speak.
The Agriculture Department is thisclose to approving the new apples, which were created by a Canadian company.
'Tis the season to cover everything you eat in a sticky caramel glaze. You deserve it.
Freshly picked apples, pumpkins and grapes are just a short car, train or bus ride away.
Sample apple wine, apple brandy, apple cider, apple cocktails and a myriad of other apple applications.
Did you realize that real cider isn't actually brewed?
Nothing says fall in the Big Apple like Granny Smiths, Mutsus, Mutsu's Mothers, MacIntoshs, Jonagolds, Winesaps and all the rest. Plus, nation's largest apple cobbler.
Fall is the perfect time to make applesauce. It is incredibly easy and look! We've got a recipe for you.
Come on down to Orchard Street this weekend for a good ol' fashion pie eatin' contest!
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