The assault left the victim unconscious but with non-life threatening injuries.
Cheap food, cheap drinks and a cheesy corporate environment. What's not to love?
The all-inclusive evening offers premium booze, a "chef's selection buffet" and a DJ. BYO dignity.
The mayoral hopeful announced a regulation that would curb the calories of kids meals at restaurants if she makes it to City Hall.
Ted Dimond, tennis instructor to the stars, is also Batman.
One shark died and another went on a killing spree inside the restaurant's 5,000 aquarium.
No NYPD address is complete without carefully worded propaganda.
Unfortunately the NYPD Commissioner wasn't able to "eat good in the neighborhood," and was forced to ingest the slop at the Waldorf-Astoria.
According to the CEO of the company that oversees more than 40 Applebee's in the region, the new design is "about being a good neighbor, both locally and globally."
Unless your server pulls a Ryan Reynolds there's no reason to forego a tip.
In case you haven't heard by now, national restaurant chain Applebee's
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