Apple store

In-store or Genius Bar appointments may be made at some stores.
Meet your new cube, where you will consume with greater transparency.
That's not a feature, that's...
For some reason, the alarm reportedly wasn't activated during the burglary.
The employee believed him and handed over the phones.
But the flagship store will now be an Apple 'Town Square.'
Apple removed its famed cube to facilitate renovations on the flagship store.
A man was captured on camera trying to climb up the stairs of the Bedford Avenue L stop, and was later seen at the neighborhood Apple Store. Wow, how viral!
Williamsbug's new exposed-brick Apple Store means the neighborhood's SoHo-ification is complete.
Finally, somewhere you can get some Apple products around here!
"He got on his knees and started counting up from one to ten..."
"It's not some crazy supermarket or something, it's Apple."
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