See the footage—which Apple has agreed to let us share exclusively—of an empty New York City used to open season two of the show, including sweeping shots taken from a drone.
"Where else can your son and daughter splash in dirty hot dog water?"
Meet your new cube, where you will consume with greater transparency.
Did they do it for the 'gram?
Since the revelation went viral, people have been replicating the bug online and in the press, confirming with their friends and family that creeping on each other is very possible.
'It just looks like brand advertising. There's an Apple store right across the street!'
Apple made a new bagel emoji after f*cking it up the first time.
This bagel emoji is a huge let down.
They opened up their own fake glass Apple Store at the 23rd Street 6 train elevator.
But the flagship store will now be an Apple 'Town Square.'
Apple removed its famed cube to facilitate renovations on the flagship store.
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