Appeals court

Lawyers for Happy argued the solitary elephant was being confined illegally
The decision is a major setback for Democrats that could potentially sway the balance of power in Congress
Now it will be up to New York’s top court to issue a final decision as Democrats appeal. The decision could sway the balance of power in Congress.
Federal appeals judges have overturned the 2015 conviction of former Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges.
The judges said that the Bloomberg administration improperly signed off on the plan without seeking the state legislative approval needed when giving away parkland.
Bloomberg called it a "temporary setback."
Yesterday, an appeals court told the city that a controversial homeless shelter policy is still illegal.
Four years ago, a jury found a Montessori school teacher guilty
Flickr user ChrisGoldNY In 2009, Claude Williams was awarded $1.8 million
Federal judge Denny Chin, known for sentencing Bernard Madoff to 150
Adath Israel's interior via Facebook A building can be the target
According to Councilman Bill de Blasio, the billboard industry is "synonymous
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