Apparent suicide

Her high school said, "She was really looking forward to attending Columbia."
One report says the death is being treated as a suicide.
The police are investigating her death, but it's suspected it may have been suicide.
A doorman in the area said he thought the woman jumped from the building.
Goetz thinks he saw Ramseur last year, but he's not sure.
Sources say the 25-year-old killed himself in an apparent suicide, but Village Voice columnist Michael Musto wonders if that's really the case.
On Saturday morning 27-year-old Citigroup associate investment banker Jessica Fashano jumped
Yesterday morning, a 27-year-old woman apparently jumped to her death from
Last night, a reader complained, "A/C/B/D all DOWN tonight because of
While the cause of death for Freddie Mac's acting CFO David
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