“There doesn’t seem to be any real systematic strategy to get the app out to a large number of people so it can really have the coverage and impact that it promises.”
“They are both emotionally traumatized and they’re getting therapy."
It reminds us of Uber.
It's the little life hacks.
How much is too much advertising in our subway system?
Central Park's newly enhanced app is just like HER.
Each space has free WiFi, a desk, a couch, chairs, and plenty of other surfaces for not sex.
'Hello and welcome to MovieFone for the last time.'
Cookie season officially kicks off the month and you have until May to get your Thin Mint fix.
If you're standing on Broadway between 62nd and 63rd Streets and just need to know what that same spot your standing in looked like during that scene from Taxi Driver, then there's an app for that.
Tomorrow the Taxi and Limousine Commission is meeting to vote on new rules to allow "e-hailing" and it could be very close!
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