"It's good that he apologized, but an apology doesn't fix the problem."
Which means as many as 121,000 votes could yet be counted.
"He said he was very sorry, that he knows how difficult it is to lose a loved one and that this was the last thing he could have ever imagined happening."
The customer, an Iranian-American attorney from Dallas, says the possibility of race being a factor "did cross my mind."
We'd like to issue a correction, and make an apology.
Jonah Hill gave a voice-cracking, emotional Oscar worhty apology on Fallon's Tonight Show last night.
"I made a huge mistake in telling you, MY/OUR passengers to ‘trust me and wait for the express train behind us,’ not knowing Metro-North had canceled it."
Can you handle this much Weiner Danger?
However, he hasn't yet apologized to the staff of the restaurant who had to clean up his urine.
The suspect, who was arrested playing the baccarat tables in Atlantic City, allegedly left a note for his former supervisor apologizing for the theft: “Sorry, Betty. Take care.”
The founder of TOMS Shoes has apologized after a public outcry last week related to his appearance with a right-wing, evangelical Christian organization with an anti-gay agenda.
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