Watch as a woman tries to figure out why she keeps feeling cold air blowing on her in her bathroom.
February 26th was the state’s deadline for tenants to file with the courts or their landlords if they wanted an extension of the eviction moratorium due to pandemic-related hardships.
What do you think of this stilt tower: Creative use of sky space, or hulking eyesore?
I confronted one of my biggest NYC apartment fears and moved my stove to clean behind it.
Are there too many plants in this apartment?
The rental comes with fresh flower arrangements 'installed' weekly, outdoor showers on one of the two terraces, and... I'm too emotional to keep reading this listing.
We think Richards is taking the hand chair with him, though.
This sweet apartment was a gym in the former police headquarters.
Today in unreal estate, an apartment building suspended from an asteroid over Manhattan.
The Seinfeld dollhouse of your dreams.
The NYPL has 32 libraries that were built with custodial apartments around the turn of the 20th century. Many of these apartments have been sitting in abandonment for decades. We looked inside one of them...
It may or may not help you cheat death.
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