The Confederate flag was prominent during Wednesday's insurrectionist attack on the U.S. Capitol.
The village of Airmont used “Kafkaesque” rules, unfounded fines, and arbitrary bureaucratic delays to inconvenience Orthodox Jewish applicants seeking to practice their religion, the lawsuit said.
A self-defense class in Brooklyn proves there’s no taboo for Jews learning to kick some ass.
New York elected officials led the march, holding a giant banner that read, 'No hate, no fear.'
And it only got 23 likes!
Supervisors called former employee Andrew Wiercinski a "dirty Jew," denied him tip money and made repeated references to Zyklon B.
Could Shackle me Elmo—press his belly and he spews anti-semitic venom!—be the next big thing?
Though an NYPD spokesperson could not provide any additional details, police are investigating the phrase in the photo above that is on Berry Street and South 8th.
The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating, but it is unclear if they are connected to Friday's incident.
The NYPD Hate Crime Unit is investigating swastikas discovered scrawled inside an elevator in a Williamsburg apartment building, in the latest anti-Semitic attack this month.
After three cars were torched on Friday morning, the anniversary of the end of Kristallnacht, many Jews and politicians took to Ocean Parkway yesterday to make it clear they wouldn't take it.
“I think it’s a jealousy of wealth, and then the use of anti-Semitism as a way to express that jealousy,” said Bobby Tebeli, whose mother’s BMW X5 was burned
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