Civil liberties advocates and criminal defense attorneys said the Manhattan case was the first time they had ever seen the use of this surveillance technique in New York City.
"Swastikas in" an L train actually meant Antifa stickers, according to the NYPD.
New York's Republicans are divided on whether or not it was a good idea to invite Gavin McInnes and his frequently violent gang of Proud Boys to the Metropolitan Republican Club.
Police are seeking to charge nine Proud Boys and three antifascist protesters for their role in the violent brawl that erupted on the Upper East Side this weekend.
Disturbing videos taken at the scene appear to show dozens of Proud Boys swarming two people on the ground, shouting obscenities and anti-gay slurs as they take turns beating them.
As a result, Donald Trump Jr., along with countless others, now believe that Twitter is running interference for pro-pedophile antifascist student protesters.
We spoke with the filmmaker about how he stumbled across the disturbing footage, the identity of the brave disrupter, and the history "that we'd prefer to forget."
One of the victims had said the toughs attacked over an antifascist sticker on his brother's cellphone.
Three unknown transgender rights supporters smashed up the bus and spray-painted it with slogans.
For as long as there have been fascists, there have been foes of fascism. But what does "fascism" mean in 2017?
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