Anti semitic

Police are investigating six different vandalism incidents targeting Jewish institutions in the Bronx.
Everyone he encountered in New Jersey seemed to know he was a white supremacist, but he wasn’t arrested until after he stormed the Capitol. A judge now says he must remain jailed until trial.
This happened at the 96th Street 2/3 station.
Governor Andrew Cuomo called the incident an act of 'domestic terrorism.'
According to Avrumi Fri, a young man with a chinbeard approached him in the bathroom and started raving about Nazis.
This is the 10th in a string of racist, anti-Semitic, and otherwise bigoted incidents that have occurred on campus since November 7th.
The vandals scrawled 'heil Hitler' and 'gas chamber' all over the walls of a club building.
According to a witness who shared photos with Gothamist, the hate symbols were spray-painted onto a concrete outpost in the Hudson River near 72nd Street.
Police are searching for three suspects who allegedly spray-painted a swastika on the door of a Manhattan synagogue early Wednesday morning.
In one incident, the assailants said, "We will shoot and kill you Jews."
"When I was a delivery man they never gave me anything," he allegedly told cops.
The graffiti includes swastikas and "F--- you Jew."
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