Anti islam

Around one hundred anti-Islam activists gathered for a "March Against Sharia Law" Saturday in Foley Square, where they were met by several larger counter-demonstrations.
Never doubt that one little YouTube video can change the world, no matter how imbecilic.
Anti-Muslim graffiti was found scrawled on the side of a Kensington building Monday, and some local residents are worried the incident will spark racial tensions in the remarkably diverse neighborhood.
How many times can NYPD spokesman Paul Browne get slammed for deceiving the public before he's let go?
Bloomberg says the NYPD involvement with an Islamophobic documentary has hurt the NYPD's credibility with the Muslim community. Not stopping there, he also said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne is "honest"!
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly rarely apologizes, but yesterday he was forced to drop a precious A-Bomb in an attempt to defuse the controversy over an anti-Islam propaganda documentary
We don't want to alarm anyone, but it appears that NYPD spokesman Paul Browne has been caught in a fib.
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