Anti gay attack

The attack took place early Sunday morning, around the corner from popular gay bar Metropolitan.
Three men in Hell's Kitchen allegedly threw a man to the ground, kicked him repeatedly, and then fled last Saturday night.
The attackers allegedly yelled anti-gay remarks at the victim.
The victim was punched and kicked in the face.
El-Amin denies he ever called the two men "white fa***ts," he says he suffered a head injury in the fight, he says he's been vilified in the press.
People on Instagram have identified the suspect as "trade," but they claim that one of the victims allegedly hit him first and used a racial slur.
"He was on the floor being stomped—like he was stomping to kill," a witness said. "Like, it was violently dangerous. It was out of control to even see it."
A man violently attacked a gay couple with a wooden chair at a Dallas BBQ in Chelsea last night.
Cops say one of the suspects threw a piece of Plexiglas at the victim, which struck her in the head and seriously injured her.
The suspect allegedly yelled anti-gay slurs at his victim before punching him in the head.
It happened last month.
"The cops came, but because the guy didn't answer his door they couldn't do anything...That's the key to avoiding prosecution for a hate crime in NYC folks. Just don't answer your door."
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