Anti asian

The state Attorney General’s Office said there were 1,871 incidents last year
The woman was slumped over onto a sidewalk.
An internal document from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office raises serious concerns about police conduct in the high-profile case.
The incident marks the third attack of an Asian American in the neighborhood in less than two months.
"It’s unimaginably horrible that someone could have so much hatred and anger to do this to somebody."
The 61-year-old was reportedly collecting cans for extra money in East Harlem when another man knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the head multiple times.
The anxieties health care workers are experiencing over the increased attacks are shared by Asian American patients, too. Some have avoided medical care during the pandemic.
The MTA is hoping to lure riders back to the subway. But hcan it keep Asian New Yorkers safe from harassment and attacks?
The independent board will also send formal recommendations to District Attorneys about cases that it thinks merit the legal classification of a hate crime.
As COVID-19 cases rose last year, so too did reports of attacks against Asian American New Yorkers. But police did not consistently tag them as racially motivated, and the NYPD to this day provides conflicting figures about the crisis.
"It is clear that required emergency and safety protocols were not followed. For this reason, their employment has been terminated, effective immediately."
Police say the incident happened Tuesday on a 5 train.
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