The drill cost about $1.4 million.
The Health Department will pretend biological agents have been released in NYC and set up distribution points for medication.
A hilaaaarious prank involving baby Tylenol went seriously awry at the Queens Criminal Court yesterday.
The agency will be testing risks posed by airborne contaminants by pumping benign chemicals into the lungs of straphangers.
All of this seems very 2001 until you see that in the past week or so, institutions across the country have been plagued with this "mysterious powder."
If you're busting ass serving fashionistas all day at Marc Jacobs
Officials are honing in on the health care reform opponent who
Yesterday, the Justice Department released tons of materials related to its investigation
Photograph of Monday's response by Jonathan Weiss After three foreign offices
The Lower East Side is about to get cool again, at least
Snowboarding in Manhattan? Whatever! It's really happening though (it's actually happened
In the wake of the suicide of government biodefense scientist Dr. Bruce
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