Anthony weiner

The admitted sexter of children looks forward to "a life of integrity and service."
In consultation with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, the judge determined Weiner should receive the Level 1 sex offender status.
I needed a squad of two or three select comrades to eat, play cards and walk around the yard with. Overall, I needed to love my mutilated life, to be hopeful and not fear death.
Moments prior to the sentencing, Weiner delivered an emotional statement to the courtroom, in which he identified himself as an "addict" and apologized to the victim.
"With full knowledge that he was communicating with a real 15-year-old girl, the defendant asked her to engage in sexually explicit conduct."
Weiner's attorneys argued that the former member of Congress was actually the victim of a predatory teen and should therefore get probation.
Weiner and Abedin have been married for nearly 7 years.
Weiner was reportedly crying in court.
Weiner has not been seen at his NYC apartment in weeks. He is reportedly in Florida.
Senate minority leader Harry Reid has accused the FBI director of violating federal law and meddling in the election.
"It seems Anthony Weiner is forcing the nation to re-litigate the entire email controversy and putting Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the presidency in serious danger...Carlos Danger."
Day Three of America's Renewed Email Nightmare has brought the knives out for James Comey and Anthony Weiner.
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