Anthony scaramucci

And the new operator of the bar has ties to... Anthony Scaramucci.
I suffered through watching both of these clips so that some of you could avoid my fate.
If this is Scaramucci's next act, it's time for the curtain call.
When Scaramucci pointed out Trump did denounce racism, Colbert said, "Two days later. Does he order his spine on Amazon Prime? Why did it take so long?"
Also, Scaramucci thinks of himself as being like Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction.
'When I hear my name three times, I appear like a Goomba Beetlejuice!'
But before that, the Mooch is complaining about New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza.
Have we ever seen Anthony Scaramucci and Mario Cantone in the same room?
Stephen Colbert sang a version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" while Seth Meyers took a "Closer Look."
"Family does not need to be drawn into this," he Tweeted on Saturday.
"Do you hear me, Reince?
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