Anthony bologna

Who now has an occu-fund for college.
Taxpayers have Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna to thank.
Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona, who violently struck protester Felix Rivera-Pitre in the face for no discernible reason, will meet with City attorneys this week to discuss his legal strategy.
The Manhattan DA's office has announced that it will not prosecute the NYPD officer who appeared to pepper spray Occupy Wall Street protesters without provocation in a widely seen video.
Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona sucker punched protester Felix Rivera-Pitre in front of a million flashing cameras.
The baby was just a glimmer in a Deputy Inspector's pepper-spray can until Occupy Wall Street came along.
"Hit and Run pepper-spraying is not 'within the scope of your employment'" wrote a poster on NYPD Rant.
Even the city Law Department seems to think Tony "Pepper Spray" Bologna is indefensible.
"Let's remember who created the atmosphere. He didn't do anything wrong using the pepper spray."
"I think he allowed his emotions to get the best of him."
Prosecutors met with Kuby and Rivera-Pitre for two hours, reviewing video, and authorities told them that their investigation would continue, and that no arrests would be made until it concluded.
Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, who was twice caught on tape discharging pepper spray on protesters has been reassigned from his post at Manhattan South to a special projects coordinator in Staten Island, where he lives.
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