Our abiding faith in the purity and wholesomeness of Burger King products was briefly shaken yesterday after seeing this photo of an anonymous employee proudly standing in two tubs of lettuce. But 4chan saved us.
The hacker who was the leader of the LulzSec group worked "around the clock" to help the FBI build a case against his hacker associates, according to court documents released yesterday.
An unemployed father-of-two on the Lower East Side was apparently a leading Anonymous hacker who tipped off the feds.
The website for the Central Intelligence Agency is down at this hour, and a shadowy network of hackers have claimed credit.
On Monday, the hacking group Anonymous revealed the personal information of NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, who allegedly discharged pepper spray on demonstrators during Saturday's Occupy Wall Street protests.
Bologna formerly worked as the head of the First Precinct for five years until he was bumped up to Patrol Borough Manhattan South.
Following the arrest of seven demonstrators yesterday, the NYPD has arrested at least four more today, as the Occupation of Wall Street continues.
The protester explains that he was arrested because he "placed his hand" on a barricade and didn't have time to move away after a verbal warning.
Is this the beginning of a months-long occupation of New York's Financial District by protesters?
Beers are just $4-5, nowhere near Cipriani prices.
According to the protest's website, a "leaked bulletin from the New York Police Department reveals that they expect at least 5,000" to show up today.
Currently, at the top of the list is "Revoke Corporate Personhood," which we all know would really piss off Mitt Romney. The second entry is "Abolish capitalism," which is just adorable.
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