This guy thinks it's fun to freak out cabbies with stupid games.
We're shocked, shocked to find that Dennis Rodman was annoying.
Maybe we're just being cynical, and once you actually try the Happy Couple Workout, you'll be just as physically and emotionally connected as Rickard and Alanna. After all, it is "a rich curriculum in love."
We put up with seat hogs, overripe straphangers, drunk people who talk too loud, stumblers, shovers, spaghetti eaters, toe-nail groomers, masturbators, and rats. So can we please stop with the impromptu subway dance parties, please?
Babies, start burning your tongues.
Behold the Most Annoying Restaurant Review Ever.
Photograph taken after the December 2010 blizzard by Gary Burke on
NYC has an overabundance of larger-than-life characters who leap from the
Jersey Shore's Snooki is now officially annoying. The reality star was found
There are a lot of things that annoy New Yorkers, though maybe
Photograph from the a Close Your Damn Legs on the Subway
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