Anne hathaway

The movie will be about a heist during the Met Gala.
Madame Tussauds, your one stop shop for mononucleosis in Times Square, unveiled a never-before-seen wax figure of Anne Hathaway this morning.
"Song One" is a romantic-tearjerker set in Brooklyn about a woman (presumably from Brooklyn) who Brooklyns so much she learns how to Brooklyn the true beauty of Brooklyn.
What do you think of Rappin' Hathway?
Anne Hathaway plays the role of "Straphanger" in her latest public appearance.
Anne Hathaway made her third appearance as host on Saturday Night Live last night, and she was effervescent as ever. Click through for highlights, including a "Homeland" spoof and Mitt Romney chugging milk.
Anne Hathaway will sing songs from Cabaret!
Celebrities also need to be schooled on subway etiquette.
Rafaello Follieri pretended to be a representative of the Vatican and would wear pretend Vatican robes.
DUMBO women, keep your husbands on a short leash, Catwoman has moved in.
A large crowd has amassed at Union Square for today's Occupy Wall Street demonstration, and celebrities walk among them!
The new movie musical will star Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway
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