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Get the popcorn and dim the lights! It's Subway Shark, the short film.

Check out the hilarious clip below, which brilliantly turns a bit from Louis C.K.'s "Live At The Beacon Theater" special into a cartoon ala "The Ricky Gervais Show."

The charming animated short video below is all about Mickey's quest to recover an elusive hot dog in Central Park for his beloved Minnie Mouse.

NYC! Talking space snow! Gorgeous orchestrations! Sonic screwdrivers! Even if you don't know a Dalek from a Tom Baker you'll be charmed by "How The Doctor Saved Christmas"

As talks of Wal-Mart moving into New York City become more intense,

This rather mesmerizing little video was made "using a digital stills camera

Henry Selick's new 3D stop-motion animation film Coraline is adapted from a

The city may be in a fictional hue of black & white

Indie animator Bill Plympton has just finished his sixth animated feature, for

Can't you just feel the Oscar buzz in the air? The jangling