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The annual return of these aquatic mammals to the city’s harbor could signify improvements in coastal water quality and bring a renewed commitment to protecting local wildlife even in urban areas.

The latest edition of The Squirrel Census counted at 24 parks across Brooklyn and Manhattan. But outside of the wildlife counting, it could hold lessons about adapting to climate change.

New York City tends to quiet down in the winter, but the critters inhabiting its parks still manage to keep wildlife technician Marty Woess running around.

While the pet tortoise spent 10 days out and about, a flock of sheep's journey in Brooklyn ended in one day.

The Special Flushing Waterfront District will erase a two-acre woodland, threaten a salt marsh and bring thousands of new residents into a heavily polluted flood zone that will be seriously impacted by sea-level rise.

"We named him Rocky," said a Staten Island bus driver. "It's just an ongoing thing with us."

'Young New Yorkers are watching what's happening. They are on board with a cruelty-free future.'

Outside of zombie movies, unfamiliar creatures are rarely discovered in cemeteries. But that's exactly what happened at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Would Rocket Raccoon have been treated this way?